Behind the scenes of Light From the Rabbit Hole, both former guests from Season One connect on this important Mental Health episode. Kris Rice who debuted on Episode 24, “Advocating Mama Bears”, sought guidance to help her daughter with her mental wellness after listening to Episode 11, “Brain Based Treatments Lighting the Mental Health World on Fire” where world renowed Dr. Roseann Capana Hodges debuted. Her message of supporting the brain and behaviors without medication as the first alternative was exactly what Kris needed to hear. Dawn brings the ladies back together to continue the conversation of destigmatizing mental health in their own journey together.

While providers repeat the same treatments with medications again and again, people like Kris, are looking for a better outcome. They’ll tell us about the brain map and how it can be used to rewire the brain. They’ll explain how neuroclinical treatments like neurofeedback and biofeedback work in conjunction with other mental wellness support modalities.

It is important to not only calm the brain down when it starts to spiral, but also to teach the brain how to change. Dr. Ro says, “a regulated brain is the only brain that can learn new behaviors”. Her ground-breaking success is changing lives across the country and to have impacted one of Light From The Rabbit Hole’s listeners gives proof to the power of podcast listening. We can’t wait to share this exciting journey and outcome with you!

Dr. Ro has written 5 books and she has co-authored another awesome book which is a resource guide for parents and caregivers called “Brain Under Attack” and has been called by Forbes Magazine, as “The thought leader in children’s mental health”. She has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox News, The Mel Robbins Show, USA Today and in the New York Times. Dr Ro is a bad ass and has been referred to as a leader who is “changing the way we view and treat children’s mental health”. You can find her and her services at You can find her on all of these social media outlets:,, and

Kris Rice, Empowerment Coach, can be reached at her company and on Instagram at krisricecollective

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